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Alps Alpine's wide variety of resistive position sensors meet needs of angle, position detection in various applications. Product introduction video is available => video Alps Alpine / Resistive Position Sensors introduction -example of applications-   Variety of products Series RDC50 RDC80 RDC90 RDC10 Photo Type Rotary Rotary(360° rotation) Rotary Linear Direction of lever Vertical Horizontal Vertical Vertical Vertical Linearity guarantee range 320° 330 ...
I'm pleased to introduce you to Alps Alpine's Humidity Sensors. Introduction video is available from here. The video covers analog output type sensors, in addition to this, Alps Alpine offers digital sensors.   Series HSHCAA HSHCAL photo Prod No. HSHCAA006A HSHCAA106E HSHCAA114A HSHCAL001B HSHCAL101B Size 2.5 x 2.2 x 1 mm 30 x 13 x 7 mm 30 x 13 x 8 mm 2 x 2 x 0.88 mm 24 x 16 x 7 mm Output Analog Digital Measurement Range 0 to 100% RH 20 to 95% RH 0 to 100% RH 0 to 100% RH 0 to 100% ...

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