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2 Posts authored by: kas.lewis
This Time In this blog post I plan to go over the board layout for the components chosen in the previous blog entry and explain the reason for the layout and placements that I have chosen. I was hoping to give an outline for the software but due to the stage in the design that will have to wait. Almost Complete Board (No power routing)   Layout I designed and laid out the board using Eagle and for this design I opted to make most of the  schematic symbols and footprints. I felt it wo ...
Hello all and welcome to my blog. In my blog I plan to look at sensors in interesting applications and how they can be tied with uC for processing or transmission to a remote location for other uses.   I am currently working with a student team from University of Waterloo on a rocket for an upcoming competition. Our team is currently working on a rocket for the 10,000 ft category and being an electrical engineer my sub team is responsible for the for the safe return of the rocket as well as ...

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