This would be the time where I would channel my inner Morpheus and offer you the choice of taking red or blue pill. Take the blue pill and continue to see the world as you normally have, or the red, and we see together the unseen world around us. Thankfully you already taken the red pill, clicked on the post, and are ready to take a look at your world in a different spectrum and through the lens of thermography!


So sit back, relax and take a guess in the comments section below on what we captured through the lens of the Fluke-VT04Fluke-VT04


***Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit


Make sure you leave your twitter handle along with your answers so we can spread your mastery of radiation detection in the electromagnetic field to the element14 masses if you guess correctly.


Answers will be revealed Friday April 25th, make sure you follow us over on twitter to see your moment of glory (we will share it in the comments section as well) .





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