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    For this blog post, I decided to show how I used the Agilent 33622A Waveform Generator to design and test a small piece from a bigger project I'm working on and use it to prove a technique of increasing ADC resolution by turning noise into an advantage, via oversampling and decimation. The ADC trick should come in handy to anyone new to MCUs, because they often run into the issue of low resolution and noisy readings and usually, they have no clue on how to tackle the problem.


    I apologize in advance for my broken English.





  Using the Agilent 33622A


    In this video I'm taking advantage of the dual channel capability, external triggering and phase settings to accurately create a particular scenario inside an FPGA.







  Oversampling & Decimation


    This is a short video where I'm using the 33622A to demonstrate oversampling and decimation.




    Errata: At some point I said that for 3 bits you need 32 samples, it's actually 64.

    What you should remember from this video is that if you want to increase your resolution by n bits, you have to take 4^n samples and divide them by 2^n (or shift to the right, by n).



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