We've been asked many times since the new Raspberry Pi 2 was launched "Does BitScope Micro work with it?". The answer is an unequivocal yes !

Thanks to our friends at element14 we managed to get our hands on the brand new Raspberry Pi within 24 hours of its release so I personally set about bootstrapping it to see if it works with BitScope.

The result is this video:

You can see just how easy it is to get started. The new Raspberry Pi 2 is a brilliant upgrade to a fantastic little computer and getting it up and running from scratch could not have been easier. You can boot the Pi and get BitScope connected in minutes using the standard NOOBs installer from the Raspberry Pi website and BitScope software (built for the B+ and A+ model Raspberry Pi) from from the BitScope website. The most impressive thing about the new Raspberry Pi is that everything just works !

We will test the performance of the new model and compare it with the earlier ones soon but from what I've learned today, Eben's performance claims look like they're right on the money as far as BitScope is concerned. We'll run up the BitScope Display diagnostic tool and we'll rebuild our code for ARMv7 to see if we can extract even more performance from this little beast but for now, we're blown away with what James and the guys at Broadcom and Raspberry Pi have achieved in terms of performance and compatibility with this new Pi!

Note: this post has been created from the original with permission.