Hi Everyone,


I am really quite busy with a lot of setting up of the lab area. I hope to place a video of my changes in the lab work layout and my equipment shelf builds.


I have taken a small time out to place a video on my attempt at SPICE simulations on the electronic load all-be-it very simplified. I have not yet learn't how to create new component SPICE models on LT SPICE and MultiSIM blue (oops) but I at least have a simulation running. In the video I noticed the source series resistance will play an important role in building the circuit as internal resistance of some sources are very low. I will update the LT SPICE simulation to look at inputting more accurate source resistances to get a more accurate simulation. I will consider placing this in Part 3.


It is clear though after creating the video that internal propagation of voltages through the components play a big part in the overall performance. As for now as an experiment i will use easily available components and improve components later to reduce propagation as much as possible.


Anyway below is a video of my simulation exercise.