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Koei Tecmo Wave announced a new virtual reality arcade enclosure that intends to immerse players in the alternate reality with various simulated sensations. Koei Tecmo Wave’s new virtual reality arcade cabinet. (via Koei Tecmo)


Virtual reality is a growing market because of its intrigue, and its numerous applications and devices. This latest release from Koei Tecmo Wave doesn’t disappoint. The new virtual reality arcade gadget, called the VR Sense, simulates various environmental conditions to submerge the player in the fictional world in which they play. The enclosure is relatively compact, and is described by the company as, “stylish and highly convenient housing”, but you can make that determination for yourself (pictured above).


It stands at about 6 feet tall, 7 feet deep, and just over 3 feet wide, and also weighs between 300-400 kilograms (~700-900 pounds). The VR Sense has a “Multifunction 3-D Seat”, according to Steve Dent of Engadget, and the enclosure has hot and cold, aroma, wind, and mist functions that all help to provide a more thoroughly engaging experience. It hasn’t been indicated what kind of virtual reality headset will accompany the arcade cabinet, or if there will be one at all.


Koei Tecmo Wave’s machine is intended as a pay-per-use arcade cabinet (i.e. not for home use), and the enclosure houses one person, but three games: GI Jockey Sense, Horror Sense, and a version of the company’s Dynasty Warriors Series.


The company remains somewhat cryptic toward the VR Sense, in that they haven’t yet released any pricing details, release dates, or any other information. However Dent from Engadget writes that they are, “...set to reveal more at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017 starting on Friday, February 10th.” Koei Tecmo Wave’s VR Sense appears to be a kind of gimmick that markets itself as a superior and transcendent virtual reality experience, but only time will tell whether it is as transportive as the company suggests. One thing that is nearly an absolute certainty is that people will come in droves to feed this machine money. So, that they can find out for themselves just how palpable this new virtual reality experience really is.


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