VirZoom took the idea of their $400 exercise bike and created an affordable sensor to make any bike VR enabled. All you need is this sensor and a VR headset to workout in various environments (Photo via VirZoom)


If you only thought VR was for video games, VirZoom is ready to prove you wrong. VirZoom is a VR exercise company that came into the market with its VR exercise bike. The bike put you inside different VR environments for an immersive experience. It also let you play games to make you forget how much you hate working out. The problem with the bike was the $400 price tag. Recently, the company came up with a cheaper alternative that should be more feasible for your pocket. At E3, they introduced the VZ Sensor, a small device that attaches to any stationary bike for only $99.


The device brings the VR experience found on their high-priced exercise bike to those who already own a stationary bike. Now, you can enjoy road cycling, tank demos, and other games while breaking a sweat. The device is currently compatible with PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR, making it readily accessible to those who own VR headsets. Soon, the device will work with Google Daydream as well. Your VR headset of choice works in conjunction with VirZoom’s free mobile app, which lets you cycle through different environments.


The VZ Sensor can also keep track of your stats thanks to a built-in accelerometer. It can check up on your heart rate, update you on your progress, and remember your peddling motions. The only thing that may be awkward is you have to hold a controller to play some of the games. The company’s VR bikes have built-in controllers, so it’s not as cumbersome. The company offers their own bike controller, but you can also use the Samsung VR controller. If you’re not sure about the VZ Sensor, the company invites you to download their games for free (as long as you have a VR headset).


VirZoom is currently taking pre-orders for the device, but it won’t start shipping until October. The VZ Sensor makes the idea of a VR bike affordable for those into VR, but for those who still have yet to pick up one of those headsets, it’s still a hefty price tag. Not only do you have to pay for the sensor, but the cheapest headset will still run you $99, and the controller is $130. That’s asking a lot to distract you from your workout. Plus, you may have to get used to looking silly if you’re bringing this device to the gym, which the company suggests if you don’t own a stationary bike. For those who are readily equipped for VR, the device is just what they’re looking for. For others, maybe it’s best to stick with reading or watching videos on your phone for workout distractions.


But, ever wear a VR headset? You get sweaty. Ever ride a bike? You get sweaty. The foam around the VR goggle lenses is going to get funky.


Below is an old video showing off the tech more in depth.


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