Platysen’s Seal is an analyzer that tracks your stats, swimming strength, and movements. Like other wearable tech, Seal works with a companion app (via Platysen)


Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, wearable tech proves to be a great tool. A bit more underused than I thought they would be by now. Keeping track of your stats lets you know what needs improvement and movement reminders let you know when it’s time for exercise. But if you’re a swimmer something as basic as FitBit may not be the best tool. Thanks to a new device by Platysen, swimmers can get detailed stats about their techniques and forms.


Seal swim analyzers are small, wearable rings that help swimmers measure their hand’s movement and force as they push through the water. The built-in sensors also keep track of hand symmetry and rhythm. The device works with a companion app that gives you more information and your stats, like whether or not one hand is weaker than the other. Seal synchs up to your smartphone wirelessly giving you the option to share your stats with your coach for further training.


Right now, there’s no release date or cost for Seal as it’s still in the prototype stage. They showed off the concept at IFA 2017. Platysen hopes to turn the idea into an actual product six months from now. Meanwhile, the company also has another swim related device: The Marlin.


Marlin is a swim meter that tracks your performance through voice feedback using a bone construction headset. Worn on your head, your pace is reported to you while swimming with no interruptions. Your swimming performance is captured via GPS while in open water. There’s even a pool mode that captures motion data via sensors. To see how you did, connect Marlin to your phone via Bluetooth. Unlike Seal, Marlin is available for purchase with a price tag of $150.


While both devices are sure to be great tools for swimmers, Platysen isn’t the only company targeting athletes. Also appearing at IFA 2017, Samsung revealed a new partnership with Speedo. The two are working together to create a new app for the Gear Fit Pro 2 and the Gear Sport. The new app will let swimmers track their laps, and the time it takes to finish them along with burned calories and distance traveled. It’ll work with Samsung’s S Health app to view your stats in one place.


If these devices prove to be successful and actually work, don’t be surprised if more companies designed wearable tech catered towards certain athletes. Maybe next will come a wristband for tennis players that keeps track of how hard you swing. You never know.


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