The HRU standard resistors (10 ohm and 100 ohm) will be formally used on the Watt Balance system for mass standard which has been developed by NIST (US) and NRC (Canada) as next generation’s mass standard unit from 2018. At Watt Balance system, current (A) and voltage (V) are extremely important as these enable researchers to determine the mass of an object indirectly via two measuring modes: the strength of the magnetic field, and the current running through a coil of wire. For this application, NIST required ultra stable 100 ohm
standard resistor under different current levels and so, via NCSLI and CPEM conference, Alpha Electronics has provided evaluation units in 2013. Since then, NIST has found that HRU-101 showed much better power stability comparing their own design over 50 years age standard resistors.


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