I'm building a SCPI device for Linux.

I have the basis working over TCP/IP.

This morning I received a PiFace Digital 2PiFace Digital 2 from element14 (thank you!)

This board, with digital inputs, outputs, relays and LEDs can be a nice LAB automation utility.


In this post I check if I can control the PiFace Digital 2 via C.

TL;DR yes


In this series, I'm focusing on the specifics for TCP/IP communication with a SCPI service.

In the previous posts I made socket server that listens for SCPI commands and parses/handles them.

This is the first post where I talk to hardware. In a later post I'll link the SCPI server and the hardware together.


PiFace Digital 2


This Pi hat is a port expander that gives you 8 digital inputs and 8 outputs, 4 buttons, 2 relays and 8 LEDs that you can control from your Pi.

Communication goes via SPI.

To get the basics working, check out this great blog from urkraft: PiFace Digital 2 - setup and use

I'm using Ubuntu on my Pi, so I had to install the raspi-config utility first before I could use it to enable SPI.


Control the PiFace Digital 2 with C


That was easy too. Piface has example code on their github.

You need the c and h files from these two repositories:




Both come with a makefile and you can build them right away on your Pi.

I'm developing on a windows computer and cross-compile for Linux, so I've created a project in the ARM DS-5 IDE.


This allows me to interactively debug the program from the windows PC.

As you can see on the photo at the start of the blog post, I was able to control a LED. I've also tested a relay.


Here's an action shot of the debug session:

ide in debug mode


In the next post I'll try to turn this into some server code that listens to commands and executes any requests.

That's the next step to get a SCPI programmable LAB controller on the Pi.




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