This item arrived on my desk today (thanks Terry).  Mestek model CM81, Digital Clamp Meter.  It's inexpensive, available on Amazon.  It's made in China, Shenzen.   It's Cat III, 600volts.  It has a lot of features.  I have two low end Fluke meters, and I wanted a clamp-on amp meter for when I'm troubleshooting control panels. The user manual is short, but then, the manual that came with my Fluke 115 had less information.  It comes with basic test leads, with sharp tips, plus slide on alligator clips. The meter is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which were included in the box.


Main Features:

  • Volts
  • LowZ (low impedance)
  • Ohms (and Continuity beeper)
  • Diode tester
  • Clamp type AC current - up to 600 Amps
  • NCV - not contact voltage tester
  • VFC - variable frequency drive inverter measurement
  • LED to use as a flashlight / torch
  • Back-lit display


The NCV was a nice bonus feature that I didn't expect.  It works well enough.  Hold the tip of the clamp near an AC circuit above 90 volts, and the meter beeps and flashes the backlight of the display.


I don't have a VFD in my office to try the "VFC" function, and I'm not sure what the meter will tell me.  (When I step into and MCC at a production site, the electrical engineers get nervous, so I'm not sure I will be allowed to test this feature. )  To use the VFC feature, the manual says, set the dial for AC Voltage, and hold the VFC button until the display shows VFC.


The backlit display is reasonably large, but the contrast isn't as good as a fluke.  The backlight is weak, but of course will be most useful in a dark room.

Mestek 81 Multimeter