I'm thinking about building a low power SMU.

We're playing with OpAmps and discrete semiconductors regularly over here, and there's a Keithley 2450 SMU with I-V Tracer Software  road test going on.

Learnings from those activities can be applied here.


image: over simplified concept



Only two;

  • Make a Source Measure Unit.
  • Make it programmable or scriptable


Possible capabilities:

This would be a low power instrument, µA up to maybe a few mA. Low voltage. A utility that can be used with analog low power devices.

Source and sink voltage and current. positive and negative.

Constant current, constant voltage.

(undefined) precision and speed


It should be possible to make this modular:

  • the driver part
  • the measure part
  • controller and converters
  • human and digital interfaces


I'm going to read up on the subject now. Ideas and support are welcome.