A little bit of nostalgia: my Philips power supply.

3 channels. Isolated. Constant voltage and constant current.

And perfectly silent - no spinning fan.

Made in Belgium!

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Over here, Philips was the go-to brand for lab instruments.

When I studied electronics, every instrument - except some Kyoritsu meters - was a Philips.

In my own lab, this supply and a Philips oscilloscope were the pièces de résistance.

I've sold the scope. I still use the power supply a lot.



3 isolated channels:

  • 2 * 0 - 32 V, 1.4 A
  • 1 * 5 V, 3 A


Voltage and/or Current regulation.




Focus is more on reliability than smooth output.

Specs and schematic below are for the 1542/00 (20 V 20 V 7 V) while mine is a 1542/60 (32 V 32 V 5 V).








Appreciate the discrete input stage <3


Does It Still Work?

Yes. The 3 channels still work perfectly.

The only defect is that the V/A switch of one of the channels doesn't work anymore. It can't show the current on the meter.

It's a known thing with these supplies. Here's someone that shows how to fix that.

That link also shows that there were many configurations for the 3 channels, all sold as the same model number.


When I don't need a programmable supply, this one is ideal.

It's a good supply. Not having a fan next to your ear is a luxury.

And it has been good enough for many labs for many years.