Organizing wire stock is an important requirement in any lab but there are always costs and compromises. This is yet another attempt to deal with some of my spools of solder and hook-up wire. So far it is a great solution for my solder spools. It would be a good solution for my hook-up wire as well, except I am not sure I want to allocate the required real estate to the cause.

The solution provides decent wire management at a cost of 74 grams of plastic per wire spool ($1.30 worth of plastic)

You can see how it works in the following video.

It was an interesting challenge to design all these features into a simple wire dispenser, and it turned out well enough to take over some prime real estate on my bench.

I will add the .stl files to the blog this week for anyone who wants to give it a try.


Update - the six .stl files have been attached here.







The stacking plate uses both the stacker file and the puck base file.