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DC measurements  Although the PA1000 is touted as a Single Phase Power Analyser I tried it out as a DC Power Analyser and it seems to work quite well. My tests also were a good excuse of using the Alligator Clips rather than the Breakout Box.   In Normal mode, the instantaneous voltage and current are displayed. An integration graph can be constructed using PWRVIEW using its data logging function. Two samples per second are captured data logging mode and from this a graph can be ch ...

PA1000 RoadTest - Part 3

Posted by COMPACT Top Member May 17, 2014
Software   Figure 17 – Screen Shot of PWRVIEW Measure Form   Like many other test instruments connected to a PC such as oscilloscopes and function generators VISA is used as the transparent connection mechanism between PA1000 and the PC workstation.  VISA is an acronym for Virtual Instrument Software Architecture that provides application independence from the test instrument connection medium by providing a standardised access protocol to test instrumentation. Like a net ...

PA1000 RoadTest - Part 2

Posted by COMPACT Top Member May 13, 2014
Driving the Front Panel I've been using the PA1000 virtually everyday since its delivery have been finding that this tool is indispensable for my work. In addition to workshop use I have been using it to observe the behaviour of many different power supplies in different modes of operation such as standby, idle and fully active. The current graphs have been fascinating. This instalment I cover some basic operations. I haven’t fully absorbed the manual but here is what I know thus far a ...
Introduction Figure 1 - Equipment set up (Back: Variac, Isolation Transformer, PA1000 Power Analyser, Front: BB1000-NA breakout box)   Many thanks to Tektronix and element14 for giving me privilege and opportunity to road test the Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyser. I've prototyped, built and repaired many power supplies over the past three decades to find how the PA1000 Power Analyser can accomplish productivity gains. With all due respect to the sponsors this road test is an honest appra ...

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