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One of my favorite tools is the Flush Cutter. I like them so much that I have seven of them right now. Yes besides the Multimeters and Bench Power Supplies I have also have a flush cutter addiction.     In the course of my daily play in the shop I am constantly working with soldering components and clipping leads. A good flush cutter fits the hand well and has a spring action that opens as one's grip is relaxed. The cutter jaws must close evenly and not allow any sunlight to pass t ...
Everyone is familiar with the USB Batteries that can be used to charge a cell phone and which can themselves be charged off a any standard USB port or charger. A while back I began using one type of these batteries to power some of my small projects and also I began to advocate their use to my friends for this purpose. Here are two of the many brands and types currently available.     For the rest of this Blog I will refer to them as "Black" and "Silver". My first experience with us ...

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