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2 Posts authored by: tin_xdevs
Intro  One of main Keithley Instruments expertise are low-level signal measurements. Since very beginning company had instruments as null-detectors, microvolt voltmeters, electrometers. As of today, current nanovoltmeter is Model 2182A, which features two channels with range down to 100mV with 7½ resolution. Predecessor of this instrument was sensitive voltmeter Model 182, which we will look on today.   It’s possible to get one of these from secondary market for about $1K ...
I hope this post would not cause complete and total exclusion of myself from Roadtest thing, but posting it here anyway, for fellow engineers enjoyment In this prompt we will take a look on Fluke 51-II and try some ideas how to improve it by modifications User manual for meter is available here Feature comparison  Before we go any further, Fluke 50 II series thermometers specs:   51 II features 52 II features 53 II features 54 II features Amount of channels     ...

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