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Electronic Load Part 2

Posted by waelect Aug 31, 2015
Hi Everyone,   I am really quite busy with a lot of setting up of the lab area. I hope to place a video of my changes in the lab work layout and my equipment shelf builds.   I have taken a small time out to place a video on my attempt at SPICE simulations on the electronic load all-be-it very simplified. I have not yet learn't how to create new component SPICE models on LT SPICE and MultiSIM blue (oops) but I at least have a simulation running. In the video I noticed the source serie ...
Hi Everyone,   This is a project that most people including myself have been wanting to do for a while. I would firstly like to thank peteroakes for the inspiration to actually get off my ass and start the project.   As I am slowly delving into the world of Video Blogs I have decided to take this project online to document my progress along the way. Similar in principlle to what other blogs are and looking at expanding the project further to create a more complex controllable solutio ...
Hi All,   As part of the Element14 Road-test I have done a series of tests to create a review. Although I have completed the primary tests I found another use for the U1461A in measuring MOV's   Created a quick video blogging what I did to measure. Really handy bit of kit.     Cheers   Malcolm ...

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