A brief post in which I hook everything up and see if it works.



NeoPixel Strip

Strip 5v >> Flora VBatt

Strip Din >> Flora D6

Strip GND >> Flora GND


I’d sketched out how everything fit together in my last post, so all I needed to do was break out the alligator clips and my cute little breadboard and follow my plan. I first connected the 1.5-meter Neopixel strip to the Flora, with alligator clips and ran the Neopixel strip test. Miraculously, it worked on the first go.



Through-hole NeoPixels

LED Din >>Flora D9

LED 5v >>Flora VBatt and next LED

LED GND >> Flora GND and next LED

LED Dout >> next LED


I disconnected those alligator clips from the Flora and placed one of the 5mm through-hole NeoPixels in my breadboard. I cut and placed small bits of wire to correctly power and connect the LED to the Flora. Then I found the Punk Collar code and changed the pin number to pin 9 and uploaded it to the Flora. The light changed color beautifully. Then I placed the remaining four through-hole NeoPixels in the breadboard so that each Data-Out pin was column-buddies with the Data-In pin of the following LED, and used more little pieces of wire to connect each to power and ground. I ran the Neopixel Tiara code again and they worked.




Temp Sensor

Sensor Vin >> Flora 3.3v

Sensor Dout >> Flora D10

Sensor GND >> Flora GND


I disconnected the LEDs at the Flora end and placed my temperature sensor on the opposite side of the breadboard, using more wires to connect it to the Flora. Then I uploaded the example Simple Thermometer code and opened the serial port to find that the room was a sweltering 138 degrees fahrenheit. That didn’t seem quite right. So I read over the Temp Sensor overview and realized that it was calibrated to receive 5 volts of electricity and I was only giving it 3.3 volts. I changed the calculation to compensate, re-uploaded the code, re-opened the serial port, and all was well. A perfectly reasonable 70 degrees.




So everything is functioning. Next, I’ll start writing code and using the NeoPixels and sensor together. Hopefully it keeps working!