A smart-earring that tracks your heart rate and activity (via Ear-O-Smart)

Activity tracking has been a buzz product in the wearable technology industry for a while now. Whether its bracelets, shoes, or shirts, there are lots of wearables out there that help you track your heart rate, calories, activity, and even help you navigate. However, many of these just amount to an extra hassle. Something you need to remember to put on that's out of the norm.


So, BioSensitive Technologies Inc. has created a new wearable smart earring that tracks your heart rate, calories, and activity while still looking stylish.


It's also very small so you'll barely notice it's there. What’s more, it’s very easy for ladies to use without others knowing that they are counting those calories. The technology in this tiny thing is pretty impressive, too, although I can't help wondering at the weight of this earring.


I get the feeling that the current prototype is a lot heftier than a normal earring. The say they are working on creating a thinner earring and moving the components to the backing of the earring. However, another part of me is really worried about having a battery and microcontroller so close to my precious gray matter. Call me paranoid, but holding a phone on your body all day is supposed to make your junk go bad. Pardon my French.


Anyhow, if you aren't as paranoid as me, go for it! It's called the Ear-o-Smart and is available starting at $125 Canadian dollars. If you don't catch the special, the Ear-o-Smart will cost upwards of $149.


BioSensitive Technologies created this tiny smart wearable by slimming down two important ICs: one for PPG (Photoplethysmography) Technology and one for Bluetooth data transfer. The current prototype makes use of SchmartBoard to fix the two ICs and other components. They seem to be using Texas Instruments (TI) IC chips. The TI AFE4400 can capture heart rate data from the user’s ear lobe. Meanwhile, a TI CC2541 works to send and receive data from the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.


PPG Technology gauges heart rate through a through an LED light that blood can reflect if it is present under the skin. This allows the sensor to monitor blood flow, aka heart beats per second. This technology should technically be more effective if worn on your ear lobe than on your wrist.


The components also include an antenna, a 1225 coin cell battery, and passive components which are stacked 3 PCBs deep. The result is a smart earring smaller than a dime. The company will also release Learner Kits to enable makers and tinkers to play with the technology. You can also pre-order these on Kickstarter starting at $180 Canadian dollars. It comes with 5 hours of video tutorials that orient you on the technology. Not bad, huh? I see a smart-ring coming out of that.


The smart earrings will be available for delivery June 2015. Unfortunately, it won't be here in time for Christmas, but it will be on the market in time for swimsuit season.



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