McDonald's testing Qi in EuropeQi_Logo.jpg

Restaurants will install Qi wireless chargers in some of its European restaurants




McDonald's is testing wireless charging in partnership with Powerkiss, a Finnish company specialized in the design of very elegant solutions for embedding wireless chargers in furniture. Details are in the press release further down.

Powerkiss' embedded Qi-chargers can be found in fancy locations all over Europe. Eric Bourgeois, Senior Director at McDonald's Europe, says ”[Wireless charging] is hygienic, safe and unobtrusive, but at the same also functional, aesthetic and innovative. Therefore it follows McDonald’s Europe interior philosophy very well”.

McDonald's interest in Qi-charging demonstrates that Qi is getting in to the hands of European consumers. An increasing number of potential McDonald's customers are carrying Qi phones made by Nokia, LG, HTC, and Google. These Qi phone users are attracted by stores that offer Qi chargers. That makes it worthwhile for store owners to invest in wireless charging.


Press Release - PowerKiss wireless charging, a cool new way of charging mobile phones, will be tested in a limited number of McDonald’s restaurants in Europe in 2013 in partnership Powerkiss Ltd. The technology will be first tested in a limited number of McDonald’s restaurants in some selected countries. The wireless charging solution is based on the Qi technology standard, which is currently supported by more than 130 companies across the world, with an installed base of more than 15 million units worldwide. A user can charge his/her phone conveniently by placing it on the dining table while enjoying a meal or break. The technology is fully integrated into the table and completely invisible. Customers with a Qi wireless charging enabled device can simply place it on the table to charge. Customers who do not have the Qi readiness yet, there is the PowerKiss Ring, which plugs into any phone and makes it immediately ready for wireless charging.


“Wireless charging is a rapidly growing technology, which significantly enhances the mobile user experience within all customer groups, from teenagers to families and businessmen. We are excited to enter the wireless world together with the industry leader McDonald’s Europe”, says PowerKiss CEO Mats Wolontis.

Wireless charging will be seamlessly integrated into selected table tops of the pilot restaurants. It’s always important for us to create premium value for our mobile customers. The PowerKiss wireless charging solution fits very well into this thinking.