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Wireless Power Solution

2 Posts authored by: vsluiter Top Member
Here's a video of the unboxing of the Wireless design kit. Enjoy!!     The kit was very well packed, and boasts the same amount of test points as the previous version.   Do use the supplied adapter when powering it, as this baby could pull 5W, and your laptop supply might not be able to deliver that. I'll do a comparison between this system and the one I used at the previous design challenge somewhere next week! ...

Goodies at shipment cost

Posted by vsluiter Top Member Dec 15, 2012
  These beauties are surplus; if anyone is interested, I can send them at shipping cost. That's especially (if not only) interesting to those living in the Netherlands / Germany, because you can also order your own boards with the designfiles provided, and shipment from China is very cheap.... ...