Year-in-PReview-2016-header.pngWireless Communications

Continuing yesterday's glance forward into the future of FPGA, today I'd like to hear your thoughts on what's coming next for wireless communications.

Now, as you guys know, this is a pretty broad subject, but I'm not really looking to reign it in to any great degree. It's one of the foundation levels for so much of the current tech that wireless communications is something that electronics people from across the board give a lot of thought over to, as it can be the linchpin between so many different types of projects.

Where is Wireless Communication Going?

You see, wireless communication is a bit like battery power, and processing power. No matter how cool the current tech was when it arrived, we invariably -- and quickly -- grow beyond its means. Whether that's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular data or even radio, we've never quite hit that ceiling where the tech is ahead of our needs (kind of like how the problem of storage space has, for the most part, been solved). And it's not just about transfer speeds, but power consumption, whether it can be embedded, ease of access, bandwidth, and compatibility. There are a lot of factor when considering wireless comms.

How do you see the next stage of wireless communication evolving? Is there a particular tech that's caught your eye and you feel will prove essential in your future projects? What wireless comms problems are likely to be solved over the next 12 months?

Tell us all about the future of Wireless Communications below (and what you'd like to see, as much as what we will see), and we'll reconvene this time next year to see how close we got to the mark.