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    GPS Screen to rasberry pi


      Hi, so i'm having some trouble connecting these two devices, i thought i was able to connect it via the DSI port on the raspberry but sadly no, the connections for the screen on the old GPS is exactly the same as the one on my old laptop (Asus N61JV). I can't find anything really, and hoped that you guys could help me out a bit, let me know if you need any more information.


      Raspberry pi Model B

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          Looks to me lots of effort for little gain. Usually those devices are driven by a custom chip, even professionals would frown at this kind of project.


          I don't know what kind of screen that GPS had, but I would go for a car rear view screen as rear view cameras have an rca connector, and is easy to plug them on the pi.


          I tried it with a tiny 4.3 inch one like this Amazon.com: 4.3 Inch LCD TFT Rearview Monitor screen for Car Backup Camera: Car Electronics and it was just to plug it to the RCA and change the framebuffer resolution on the pi to have a working - but tiny - screen. This one is 17$ but the one I bought was even cheaper.


          The quality is not great though, but I guess you can aim for a better rear view screen to get more quality.