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    schematics for benheck portable 3d printer


      Are the schematics for bens printer available? It's my favorite design I've seen so it's the one I want to build. If anyone know where I can get his design files that would be great.

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          I did a simple Google and it was in the first at the Ben Heck downloads. http://www.benheck.com/Downloads/woodworking/RepRap_Porta-Printer.ai


          You will need Adobe Illustrator or get Inkscape to view the files. No parts list or solid dimensions but, then that is what 'Making' is all about.

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              @bstott: I'm sure Paul meant the "3D Printer Briefcase" As this was Ben's original plans and final design.

              @Paul Gallina: In a Makerfaire 2012 video Ben mentions maybe starting a Kickstarter on it. So I doubt they will be released in the end. He also mentions redesigning it to all be laser cut. You may want to hold off on building one just yet. After finding that video, I feel like I'm in a race with Ben to make an improved version of it. But, after 15 months, he's very busy making something every week that I don't think it's on his priorities just yet.

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                  @kingrahl: Did you look at the file? Or the Ben Heck video? The printer was called the porta-printer - and is the foldup which I supplied the link to. It looks like a briefcase when done. Ben's was white with a lot of stickers applied to the outside. It opens - you slide the bed out to lock the device open and then.... it has an LCD too. I had reviewed the file before I suggested it. It is easy to view using Inkscape.

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                      @bstott: I hope I don't come off as trying to argue. But, yes. I've watched the video. Probably about 10 times a day for the last week, and several times before that in the last month. (It helps keep me motivated for my design.) The link you have provided are schematics to the "Porta-Printer". Episode 19. Ben's first design. In his remake video " 3D Printing Briefcase" Episode 46 Ben references "Iron Man" the movie where he takes the best parts of the original design and makes it sleeker. You can see those schematic drawings. The link you provided. He then shows the parts he removed from the new design. To further my point, in the schematic drawing link you provided labeled "RepRap_Porta_Printer" (again episode 19) if you focus on the lower left of the picture you will see the side view. This illustration shows the motors on the top. Along with the PSU and electronics. In the briefcase the motors are on the bottom and all the parts are connected to the fold down walls. There are other things in the Porta_Printer Schematics I can point out that he didn't use in the briefcase but the side view shows the best.


                      @Paul: I'm sorry if you did not want the 3D printer briefcase files and did indeed want the original portable 3d printer files and I hope the link bstott provided is what you were looking for.


                      References. 1. Episode 19: Watch Ben Heck Builds a Portable 3D Printer! 2. Episode 46: See Ben Heck's 3D Printing Briefcase Episode 3. Ben Heck Talks Modding with Makers- 3D Printer Demo - YouTube


                      Edit: Upon further investigation. I have found out Ben has in fact created a newer version of his portable printer The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn. I hope this helps you in your goals of a portable 3D printer.

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                  Has anyone found the schematics of the briefcase printer yet?

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                    After watching the video several times, and doing other research,  it appears the printer is a Prusa Mendel design, which can now be purchased in kit form for <$300 US.


                    Ben's innovation appears to be the sliding "v-groove" base for the print bed, which allows the bed to be stored along one of the folding sides and folded up for transport.  I cannot find any information for it other than the video.  Since Ben has now partnered with Printrbot on their new portable (which IMO looks like a big step backward), I don't think information on the design will be forthcoming.


                    My planned variation is to take 2 inexpensive photo equipment cases ( like Xit's XTHC40 or similar), using them standing "back-to-back" for the appropriate width with an opening cut in them (chamfered rectangle for strength), and pop-riveted together, with the lids "butterfly" open to lie flat as Ben's case design.  I only lack the details of the "v-groove" bed slide to modify and incorporate.


                    I also plan to incorporate the Printrbot-style auto-leveling system, and the MIT PopFab toolhead exchange design to switch from extruder, mill, vinyl cutter, or laser cutter.  The PopFab attachment mechanism is a 3-ball magnet /slot kinematic system with a centered thumbscrew anchor on the X-axis tool mount (only pictures on their website, no details).  Different bases will have to be made for each toolhead to mate to the kinematic base/thumbscrew (and different electronic control boards for extrusion, mill speed, laser control), but the tools can then be swapped quickly with such a modular design.


                    anyway, that's my plan (which I doubt that I will get to, as I am now disabled and typing this with one hand), but if anyone wants to run with imy concept on their own, go for it, in the spirit of cooperation and sharing.  I only ask that you supply your details to the community as well.

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                      This is not the exact same foldable 3d printer, but in my point of view, it's even better!


                      More simple to build, and way faster to set to work and set for transport


                      Look at this video that i've made for a kick starter campaign: I did not raise enough money to start selling it:




                      But all files and schematics are for sale for a low price on pinshape: