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    problems links for uC/OS-III

      At: Re: spurious spaces in links

      it was noted that there was a broken link at

      element14 presents STM32F2 based DEVKIT1207 Evaluation Kit

      to: uC/OS-III in:

      "Below is the list of Micrium uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III products..."


      But the change that was made to fix this made the uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III links both point

      to the same place.  Instead, the uC/OS-III link should probably point to something like:

      Micriµm: µC/OS-III Real-Time Operating System Kernel Overview



      Similarly, at:

      Freescale: MCBTWRK60 Tower System For Freescale Kinetis Kxx Device Family from Keil

      the link to uC/OS-III remains broken, although other broken links on that page were fixed.



      Similarly, at:

      Source code for Micriµm’s µC/OS-III Real-Time Kernel immediately available from the element14 knode

      there is a broken link to:


      which should perhaps link to:

      Micrium uC/OS-III Kernel Source Code