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    STM32F4DIS-WIFI (SN8200) Firmware Updates?


      I have been working with the standard firmware package that comes with the STM32F4DIS-WIFI board.  Right now I am just using this through my STM32F4DISCOVERY board through the UART1.  I have had success with the sample code provided through the download package.  Now I am looking at making updates and trying some of the other firmware packages available (EWW) eventually leading me to create some custom pages for my application.  But I believe you need to have a JTAG to upload new firmware to the SN8200.


      1) Am I understanding this correctly that you need a JTAG interface to upload new firmware to the SN8200? 

      2) Is there any other interface that can be used to update the firmware?


      Any help with this is appreciated.