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    Fried Raspberry Pi


      Is there any way to fix a fried raspberry pi? I accidentally sent 9.6v into the 5v pin. Can I fix this or at least get it to turn on? Or do I have to buy a new one? Please Help Me!

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          For the first part, no, you can't fix it. To get a new one, go to newark.com and search "Raspberry Pi." You will find it.


          Hope this helps.

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            It really depends what got fried, and how good your soldering skills are. I have fried uC before and just replaced them saving myself $30+ in the process but they are not really the easiest things to replace. If you fried the voltage regulator, that is simpler to fix as they generally only have 3 - 6 pins. I would try look at the schematic and see what may have blown (i.e. what is connected directly to that pin and check those components, they may be shorting). Good luck and I hope you get it working again

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              John Beetem

              RasPi tries to protect herself from overvoltage on the 5V pin.  Specifically, protection zener diode D17 switches on and clamps TP1 to a bit more than 5V.  However, D17 can only take so much power before it melts and either shorts out or opens.  If you're powering RasPi from the Micro USB input, the excessive current through D17 trips polyfuse F3 and stops the current.  If this is what happens, wait for F3 to reset itself in a few hours or days.


              If you hit a 5V pin on the GPIO connector or TP1 with 9.6V, you've probably destroyed D17.  Take a look at it and see if there's any evidence of magic smoke being let out.  Then check TP1 to TP2 with an Ohmmeter with power off.  If TP1 and TP2 are shorted, you may be able to fix RasPi by replacing D17.  But look elsewhere for evidence of "magic smoke".


              Did you have any 5V devices like HDMI or USB devices hooked up?  They may have been damaged by 5V if D17 didn't protect you.