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    RIot Board OS and application performance


      I currently have a number of dev boards, starting with the Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2.  Just the other day, I started looking at getting a Freescale board, and started comparing the WandBoard and the Udoo.  My main consideration, was mainly Quad core boards, but if the board would do the things that I want it to do, and if the OS runs well on the board, then a single core processor would be fine.


      I'm not too concerned with Ubuntu or Debian being a problem.  Every board that own, whether single, dual, or quad core, all seemed to perform well with anything that I've wanted to do.  Android on the other hand hasn't been the case.


      The BeagleBone Black, for example, I've been able to install XBMC and FireFox, but neither are usable.  Only the apps that use minimal resources, seem to work. The Android build for my A20-Olinuxino runs all the apps well, but the OS freezes pretty regularly.  I will probably try and build my own Android system for the A20-Olinuxino at some point, when I get a chance.


      I was curious to know how the preloaded Android performs on the board, running apps like XBMC, Firefox and Adobe Flash Player etc.?


      Does it have the Google Play store, and if not, has anyone installed it or the Amazon App Store?