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    simple s/pdif recorder


      hi everybody first post (well, second, some 'autosave' feature of this site ate my first post)


      myself and many others do amateur field recording of live concerts (open taping with the artist's permission, in the vein of what started with the Grateful Dead decades ago). We hang out at taperssection.com.


      we typically use standalone ADCs and have a need for the following device which we commonly call  a 'bit bucket':


      -portable, battery powered

      -able to receive pcm input via s/pdif

      -can be fixed at 24 bit (16 bit optional)

      -bitrates selectable via script, switch, ui, dip switch, etc. (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192) ideally

      -positiove confirmation of signal lock via LED

      -positive confirmation of recording via another LED


      ie used alsa and ecasound to recod on command line with soundcards.


      im envisioning an SD card with OS and scripts on it with the proper settings, i.e. have s/pdif connected, boot up the pi with an SD card that autoamtically runs ecasound at the proper bitrate. you could set it up in advance or have different cards, like a 48k or 192k card, etc.




      thanks in advance!