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    RioTboard dead after reset


      I have just received my brand new RioTboard. I just connected it to the screen, mouse, keyboard and power supply. Everything worked. I just wanted to stop it, but there is no power down button, so I checked the reset one. The RioTboard just died. I have tried many things and always two LEDs are lighted an after some seconds, only one remains, and nothing appears on the screen. Can someone give some help?


           Thanks in advance,


                Jose M.

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          For something like this the more clues you can provide the better.  Kinda shooting in the dark here.

          The two led's for a few seconds, going to one is what you should expect.  So I have to default to the first rule in tech support.  Check and double check all your connections and display settings.  Sounds like it should be working.

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            John Beetem

            This is just a SWAG as I haven't studied the RIoTboard in detail, but with most Linux systems you must be careful how you turn them off.  Specifically, you must synchronize the file system or it may be in an inconsistent state when you turn the power off or press the reset button.  This is certainly true of Raspberry Pi.


            If this is what happened, it's probably easiest to reload the operating system image.  To prevent it from happening again, see if there's a "shutdown" command in whatever OS you're using.  The usual Unix command is "shutdown -h now".  A GUI OS usually has a shutdown command somewhere in the menu system.

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              Like John, I don't have a RIoTboard, so have no way to verify if what I say is useful..  That said, the RIoT is just another SBC and on the majority of them you really need a serial console connection to be able to see any error messages during the boot process. Whether those error messages are useful to you is a different discussion, but the fix could be quick and easy if you know what's wrong.


              There seems to be a serial connection at J18, bottom of page 18 in the schematics.  Whether that's used as the debug console during boot I'm not sure, if it's not then it would seem you'd need to investigate the OpenSDA stuff on page 20 of the schematics as that's connected to the other uart.

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                In my case, it is not dead, but in coma. RB responds, but only using the serial port. I am asking also for a method of reinstalling Linux (because the method I used first time seems unuseful), so I have a RB with a 9'  screen in a box.

                I am sure that Linux image is not aceptable, too many errors (when, more or less, worked) and random behavior for screen detection and use.

                I am not smart enough for building a new kernel wich have a quality level similar to Raspberry, Beaglebone or PCduino, for example. Hoping for a new reléase, including the installation rpocedure, from Element14 or the maker.

                In resume, a very good board with a bad OS distribution.

                Perhaps, the intended use is in Android, but reinstalling it  is also imposible, at least in my case.

                Good luck, Francisco