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    Getting into recovery with u-boot?


      I´m wondering if theres a possibility to get u-boot to boot into the recovery.

      Normal Android devices have a bootloader that allows to select to boot into recovery or fastboot mode.

      (If there is something like fastboot integrated.)


      I´m still working on getting Android fully rooted.

      And this would be really helpful.

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          Well you know I'm not really an android person...  at a guess, /dev/mmcblk<n>p1 & p2 are the normal and recovery partitions, not really sure which is which though.  Probably some change to either bootargs or bootcmd in the u-boot environment can get you booted into the recovery one.

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              Well I tried with uboot a few times.

              At least I´ve found out that when you try to boot to a partition that doesn´t exist, you´ll land in USB Fastboot mode.


              But then I remembered something and well... I´m a jackass for not thinking about that...


              You can boot into recovery with adb:


              adb reboot recovery


              But the recovery is pretty darn useless. It seems it´s build for a device with Hardware Buttons.

              All you see is an Open Droid with a red exclamation mark.

              On Normal devices you now would press a volume button together with the power button or similar.

              But the RIoTboard doesn´t have such built in and a USB Keyboard/Mouse doesn´t work.


              I´m more of a software guy. No clue what to do now...


              But thanks for the help.

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                  Given you've been able to rebuild android from source.. Is there some way you can configure the recovery partition while you're building it ?


                  I have the LCD8000-97C, no buttons there, just touchscreen. What's the chances the recovery partition can be accessed using that?

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                      I´m looking through the code.

                      Didn´t find anything about that till now.


                      The display with the touchscreen would help I think if could get past this screen and into the recovery.

                      But only if the recovery uses touch. Most standard recoveries only use the buttons.


                      I know that the alternative recovery TWRP allows to use the Keyboard over OTG. (It also uses touch)

                      But it doesn´t need to be activated. It just starts.

                      Maybe I have to use that instead. But I can´t tell much about that right now.

                      Have to find something on how to configure and compile it for the RIoTBoard.