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        Thank You!! I find this community is useful...

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          Aloha! My name is Kekoanui Tupu, and I am an engineering student at the University of Hawaii. I love music (I play the trombone), and I like to build props and costumes with the programs "Pepakura" and Autodesk Maya. I know little to none about basic electronics, but I am always excited to learn new things.


          I am trying to learn how to program LED lights with circuit boards to make a pattern for one of the costumes I've built. I've always wanted to learn more on building PCs, 3D printing, and the basics of using circuit boards (as you can guess, my project with the LED lights is at a dead end right now). I look forward to using this site for help and advice!




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            Hi my name is Devin. I  would like to suggest that you take a look at Coursera. They partner with different colleges and universities to offer free classes. I just started one this past week on the Python language which mmis what RasPi is built for. Since it justt started you can still join and not be behind. Its through Rice University. Also theres a fellow on you tube screen name mjorton from South Africa that had brilliant tutorials on basic beginners electronics and Arduino micro controllers. Just a bit that someone else recommended to me that I found helpful. I love this stuff and hope you will to. Welcome to the geekdom.




            PS when the time comes watchbseveral videos on soldering. Thers so many techniques that all say they are the best that you just have to find out through trial and error. The one Ive liked the best if not found to work best for me was with Gert. The designer of the GertBoard. Youre going to love it here. " one of us"

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              Thanks Devin for making me feel welcome, and for the great advice


              I am definitely gonna check those out!

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                Hi all,


                I'm Pim from the Netherlands. Working for over 20 years in IT and had education in electronics.I've been working in small projects with Arduino using Python. Since I've been using unix all my working live I like to start using the Raspberry Pi for hardware I/O projects.


                I have a project at hand for which I like to use the PiFace controller. It's about reading a Finder KWh meter with a S0 interface. It gives 1000 pulses for each KWh. The Raspberry Pi and PiFace are going to read the pulses store it with timestamps (NTP) in a database and present it graphs in a simple webinterface. The database can be used for more advanced reporting on a remote system. Challenges are reading the input interrupt driven, act a kind of real-time and present graphs.


                Thanks for the attention.


                Regards, Pim

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                  Hi Pim,


                  Welcome to Element 14.  I would be interested in your project as I need to do some data capture with time stamping for some of my research, so I would like you to blog about your project and share some of your insights.




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                    My name is Michael Wylie. I've been on Element 14 for a few months now, but I just noticed this thread, so I thought I'd reply. I have an electronics Engineering Technology Diploma (Technologist), A bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. In Electrical Engineering. I worked with Brillouin Scattering based Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors for my thesis. Currently I am the Senior Electrical Engineer for Hal Technology, where I design handheld and portable gas meters and particle counters. I've greatly enjoyed the website so far, and was fortunate enough to be selected to Road Test Texas Instruments' Tiva DK-TM4C129x Connected Development Kit. I've begun blogging on Element 14 about distributed Fiber Optic Sensing as well.


                    So far, I've been impressed with the support offered by the users of the community, offering insight and helpful suggestions with projects and more. Looking forward to what comes next.

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                      Welcome, Michael and congrats as well on the RoadTest win!  Also, thanks so much for the feedback about the Community - we appreciate it!

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                        Hello all!
                        I've been watching Ben Heck on youtube for a couple months and decided to finally check out the website.
                        I've taken a few semesters of college studying Computer Science and I took a few classes on Video Production.
                        I'm interested in learning about the arduino platform to go on and make my own electronics.
                        My friend and I are trying to start a hackerspace here in our community so I'm sure I'll be utilizing this site a lot in the future.

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                          Hey s-fly!  Welcome and thanks for joining us here!  We've got lots of great Arduino content here, and also lots of smarties who can chat about any projects you're working on too!  Something to consider - create a group (can make it open or private) and use it to organize your Hackerspace.   

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                            Wow, what a Forum from Farnell [already a 'sporadic' customer].


                            I have been in electronics all my life - since I was 12, playing with it and doing a correspondence course in Italy.


                            Then I went to higher school and there were no places for Informatics [ouch!] and I had to choose Electronics, which I liked a lot, but want it to combine it with Computing.

                            Anyway, I got my Diploma in Electronics and already started within the TV Repair area, been a Cameraman [a free-spirit one] in Rome for a short time - I was in search of what to do - still searching!


                            Worked in various Companies doing a lot of Radio Communications [lost all my skills now on this!]  and then slowly changed field to 'SEA' harbours/shore/etc. Data Acquisition and elaboration - I kept maintenance of Instrumentation etc.

                            Then got tired and went back to Radio Communications for a couple of years.


                            Met my British wife and after some years we decided to go to her Land and started a Repair Business in the UK - still here 'surviving' like most of us [I think] - therefore my time has not been dedicated to 'create/invent' and I lost interest in 'pure' Electronics.

                            During the years I self-learned computing and now mainly do Windows System UN-mucking, Data Recovery [not at hardware level], Repairs on Tablets PCs Laptops and I am getting into mobiles too - mainly Apple - so, I am re-engaging with electronics - my first Love!


                            So, now using a Microscope [things are getting smaller and I am getting older!] ... and voilà', I am back and hope to make ends meet!


                            My best bit? I am good at modifying and making things work or at least I used to!

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                              Hi all, I'm Kathryn Born, I teach CS to student with high functioning autism - (kathrynborn.com/computers-after-school).  I'm interested in the support and seeing curriculum ideas- I already have a Pi in my closet collecting dust. It was a whole door motion sensor kit. I loaded the OS, then got stuck after 2 more hours, took one look at the forum, and gave up. I feel like in the support of Pi, you have to ask: "by "newbie" you mean new to Pi, or new to hardware in general". Sometimes a newbie is often an experienced tech person who is just new to this one particular piece of hardware. But some teachers are real laymen, like me, and need a totally different level of support.


                              Nice to meet y'all.



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                                kathryn71, welcome! Check out our STEM Academy area, think you'll find some useful bits!