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    Need Advice - DIY Sea Turtle Nest Temperature Logger


      Hey y'all,


      I'm hoping the title caught your attention. I'm a graduate student looking to assemble temperature data loggers, which will be buried in the sand for approximately 2 months. They run about $40 from established companies, but I would not have the funding to buy enough. I figured the DIY approach could produce the same results.


      Standalone Temperature/Voltage Logger « insideGadgets

      This is essentially what I'm looking to produce. Although with this kit I would need to improve the thermistor to one that has an error of 0.5 degrees Celsius.


      The data logger would need to be weather-proofed, as it's going to be coated in sand, with the possibility of water. However, I do need to access the data later.


      Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.