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    Setting Audio output to Jack instead of HDMI




      I am using the Debian Linux from agrahambell on my RIoT Board. Thanks for linux build.

      I have loaded alsa package = alsa-base alsa-utils alsaplayer and other required pacakages.

      In the alsamixer I have the audio output set to 'DAC'. Not sure what this means.


      I need to play audio via the audio jack on an external speaker from the command line. So for that I have alsaplayer for this.


      However when I try to play the audio file via aplay there is not sound via the audio jack.

      Also I don't have HDMI TV to be able to check if the audio is coming from the HDMI or not.

      My HDMI converter is connected to a Monitor via DVI-D conversion.


      Kindly help me out with this problem.


      Warm Regards,