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    Yacto build error


        i have downloaded the latest image its working but not getting riot board login .i am getting only sh my display also working up to getting logo after that its not working .i am preparing image by using Yacto when i gave bitbake  build is failed because of two packages i double check SRC_URI and did but getting same error.Yacto error is below

        WARNING: Failed to fetch URL
      http://www.freescale.com/lgfiles/NMG/MAD/YOCTO/fsl-gpu-sdk-1.1.bin/libfslcodec-3.0.11.bin;fsl-eula=true, attempting MIRRORS if available
        ERROR: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 8, output:


        2014-08-05 15:18:07 ERROR 404: Not Found.

         ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: '
      http://www.freescale.com/lgfiles/NMG/MAD/YOCTO/fsl-gpu-sdk-1.1.bin/libfslcodec-3.0.11.bin;fsl-eula=true'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.

         Logfile of failure stored in:



         Task 1615


         do_fetch) failed with exit code '1'

        NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 1944 tasks of which 1935 didn't need to be rerun and 1 failed.

        Waiting for 0 running tasks to finish:

         Summary: 1 task failed:





        Summary: There was 1 WARNING message shown.

        Summary: There were 2 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code.