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    I am trying to flash Ubuntu to eMMC So can anyone give me a simple procedure for that ?


      I am trying to flash Ubuntu to eMMC of the board using MFG Tools 4.1.0

      Steps i have followed are :


      1. Downloaded image_SVN2487 and MfgTool2 Folder

      2. Copy the contents of the image folder in ..../os firmware/files

      3. check the cfg.ini and modify it accordingly. I am using "i.MX6SOLO-ubuntu-RIOT-eMMC" which is there by default.

      and while starting the app i get an Error saying no such configuration defined.

      4. So, I checked the ucl2.xml file in os firmware folder which had "i.MX6SOLO-yocto-RIoTboard-eMMC" as a platform.

      5. I changed "i.MX6SOLO-ubuntu-RIOT-eMMC" --> "i.MX6SOLO-yocto-RIoTboard-eMMC" in the cfg.ini file and the app started.

      6. After successful flashing of the firmware, I connected the board and nothing came


      So , can anyone help me with this. If i am doing something wrong ?. or can someone please upload some proper links as many of the links on element14 is not valid.


      P.S. I have also tried the embdest.com link and failed.