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    Differences between Element 14 Sabrelite and Boundary Devices SabreLite




      I've been working with the SABRE Lite BSP offered now with WEC2013.


      We have 4 of the Element 14 SABRE Lite boards and have successfully booted WinCE 2013, however we have struggled to get HDMI working and some of the board peripherals.


      Development platform for i.MX 6Quad - Built to Freescale SABRE Lite design



      I recently contacted Boundary Devices about the problems we were having:


      "Hi Steve,

      The element14 board is not the same SABRE Lite.  We did the original design for Freescale, but the files were public at the time so element14 took the files and manufactured their own version. 


      We have made notable improvements on the SABRE Lite design so I cannot comment on how our software will work with the element14 board.





      Boundary Devices Inc"


      And then went on to say:


      "HI Steve,

      Per my previous email, you should buy one of our boards so you can run our software on it. 


      The Adeneo BSP is the one we are using and it is designed for the latest SABRE Lite boards.




      Boundary Devices Inc"




      Could someone clarify if this is the case ? As from what we can gather the element14 board isn't compatible with the iMX6Q SABRE Lite supplied with WEC2013 bsp.


      I've also noticed the two boards mentioned on Timesys who produce the shipped Linux demo image with the element14 board:


      LinuxLink Development Center for Freescale i.MX 6 Series Processor | Timesys Embedded Linux


      The software version numbers listed appear identical.




      Kind Regards


      Steve Jones