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    How to control the volume in mpd ?


      I play sound threw the lineout output of the wolfson audio card with mpd, but i don't succeed to control the volume by mpd.


      mpd is configured like that

      audio_output {

          type        "alsa"

          name        "woflson"

          mixer_type     "hardware"

          mixer_control    "HPOUT2 Digital"



      If mixer is other that "hardware" like "default" mpc display "volume: n/a"


      but i doubt on mixer_control, i don't find a ref in Playback_to_Lineout.sh

      amixer -Dhw:0 cset name='HPOUT2 Digital Switch' on

      amixer -Dhw:0 cset name='HPOUT2L Input 1' AIF1RX1

      amixer -Dhw:0 cset name='HPOUT2L Input 1 Volume' 32

      amixer -Dhw:0 cset name='HPOUT2R Input 1' AIF1RX2

      amixer -Dhw:0 cset name='HPOUT2R Input 1 Volume' 32


      I maybe read the control of volume is split between left and right, but i don't care, i would prefer to join both lines.


      Thanks for advices