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    Using the NCL Tool & writing to tags


      For background:

      - On the NFC Explore SW Downloads page here: EXPLORE-NFC Software Download

        there are two Download Now buttons: Neard Explore NFC and Neard Explore NFC Dev. I downloaded Neard Explore NFC and installed as described in the Quick Start Guide (NXP EXPLORE-NFC Quick Start Guide) and it worked. I can run explorenfc-basic and see that its reading cards. The source files are in Neard Explore NFC.Dev, including a file called README.md. There is additional good information in this file that's not in the quick start guide.


      My questions are:


      1. In the README.md file it mentions an NCL tool (excerpt below). I can't get this tool to work on the command line. Can you provide more info on that tool? And tips on how to make it work?


      2. Can you provide an example like explorenfc-basic that writes to NFC tags? The only guidance I see on writing tags mentions using Android to do it and I don't have an Android phone with an NFC function.


      Thank You



      NCL tool



      NeardAL provides a tool called NCL to interact with Neard/Neard-ExploreNFC using a command line interface.

      We are listing some commonly used commands.


      Start polling (initiator mode)


      start_poll /org/neard/nfc0 Initiator



      Stop polling


      stop_poll /org/neard/nfc0



      Write a NFC tag with an URL


      write --type=SmartPoster --uri=http://www.nxp.com --tag /org/neard/nfc0/tag0