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    Hello Everyone


      Hello everyone, I'm here to give a basic introduction of myself, I'm no one special just another human or humanoid like all of you, I've always been interested in the field of technology almost since I could remove the case of a Desktop and learn skills through trial and error. Since I'm young (at the moment I'm 19) I know I have a large amount of information to learn, I'm really open minded to new projects and the history of how they came about, I'm a Linux user, it's my desktop of choice over Windows because I enjoy a challenge. I tend to do around 96% of my own technical repair and diagnostics minus the occasional hardware issue which I'm not very good with at the moment but over time plan to strengthen my skills in.


      My goals in life are to become a key player in the world's progression to web 3.0 or the Internet of things, I want to interconnect everything to the world wide web in a secure and user friendly way. That's basically it, I'm nothing special but not normal and I hope that Element14 and the community that is here can guide me to my goal.