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    Hi I am working on a project with R-Pi and need help with it,Your help and guidance will be appropriately rewarded.


      Hi My Name is VIjay Kantharia and I am working on the R-Pi project, I would like to have the following features in the pi, can you please suggest me which pi model to start with and also please go through the following requirement and let me know if you can be any help to this project, your guidance and help will be rewarded. 


      1. Connect with TV Th' USB/HDMI

      2. Operated by IR remote

      3. able to go online with either wi-fi or ethernet cable or dongle

      4. once it is connected with TV, first when you turn on the TV the device start first and the TV starts some 30 sec or so later

      5. Can store high quality video and able to play it on TV, like the DVD player

      6. Pi can be automatically switch from the TV telecast to the device video, based on the timer or frequency of the videos.

      7.Can be upgraded and integrated with different software


      please let me know, what Pi model will be best to start with and also if somebody can help me in this project. Once again your help will be recognized and rewarded