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    State of Wolfson drivers?


      Just wondering if any patches would come out soon for 3.12.x?


      3.10.25 is getting rather old.

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              Thanks. Where did you get the patches from? It would make upgrading much easier.

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                Do your patches support the lower sampling rates (like 8K) that were not working in 3.10?  I was told in a post that those rates would be part of 3.12, but I don't think that happened.  I also downloaded 3.18--there was absolutely no Wolfson card for Model B support in there as far as I could tell.

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                      What I'm looking for is this:


                      Simon Holt (to Kenneth Ciszewski)2 months ago

                      Hi Kenneth,

                      Both cards from a hardware perspective support the extended sample rates. This is available in the latest 3.12 kernel image and this supports both cards.

                      The table below gives specific details.


                      Audio Interface (AIF1)



                      Typical Value


                      Supported Sample Rates

                      8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 96, 192, 11.025, 22.05, 44.1, 88.2, 176.4



                      Sample depth

                      Min bit depth of samples



                      Sample depth

                      Max bit depth of samples




                      The minimum supported sample rate is dependent on the SPDIF configuration. If the SPDIF Input or Output signal paths are enabled then the minimum sample rate will be 32kHz.




                      Hope this helps,



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                          I did a quick recording test at 8K on georgpi 's kernel.

                          It seems to work OK.



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                              I tried to create georgpi's kernel according to his instructions, but I must have done something wrong, as it locked up and didn't reboot properly.

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                                  Which Pi version? Which linux  image? Error messages on boot? Some more info, please. Otherwise I'm not able to help :-[

                                  Best regards


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                                      Georg Mill--do you have a fully patched version available for download that I could try?

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                                            But maybe you better should read this ->


                                            It seems that the 3.18 kernel is ready for the cirrus audio card AND rpi2 now. (we had to wait a looooong, loooong time for it)

                                            Have fun.

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                                                I have built a Raspbian image with the 3.18 Cirrus Logic drivers.

                                                Not thoroughly tested yet, but it seems to work on a B+ and a RPi2B.




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                                                    Hello everyone. First post, but I've shopped here a long time.


                                                    I have just spent the entire night trying to make my Wolfson Card work on a "B." I seem to have a lot of Model B's and several B+'s laying about since v2 came out. And I recently had an epiphany that I would like to have a stand alone, high quality, digital recording device. I produce and perform dance music, live, using software and MIDI compatible controllers. A lot of people hate it, that's fine if you're one of them. A lot of people love it. That's fine too. What I do not like is the opinion that it is "button pushing,"" easy," "talent-less" or that "anyone could do it." It takes years to compose, craft and be able to play entire sets - SOLO - of your own music, and even longer to slog through the dirty clubs for little more than gas money to the next city, until you can actually get paid decent money doing it. And even that torturous "success" story is a rarity. Most can't survive without money, food and sometimes no place to sleep in strange cities other than your car Even traditional DJs who play Vinyl have a group of "haters" who say this is not real DJing. I guess that is true since I don't play any music put out by another artist, but I do build songs live and in person. I run into trouble when I try to make high quality recordings on the same laptop I perform on. The software is extremely system, intensive, even with my always up to date maxed out rig. I get latency issues no matter what I do, unless I reduce the quality of the recording or the sound output, neither of which I am willing to do. I wanted to be able to multi track record initially, but that's a pipedream without carrying almost twice the gear. Being a solo performer is all about keeping the rig as efficient as possible.


                                                    Why did I not consider the Pi before the past few days? I love my Pi's! I have a lot of them. I started with them being XBMC machines and then all the sudden I am making robotic arms with my 5 year old* and rigging up a bell in the kitchen when the laundry finishes* and gutting a mac classic and squeezing in the Retro Pi Project* and every ROM I could find. It's getting worse since I started getting Pi2's, like I said, because now I have all these model B Pi's and they all HAVE to do something. I seriously considered making one a (bluetooth) doorbell instead of just replacing the doorbell**. That's overboard. I turned a cardboard box into an LED (color organ style) Pink Floyd show that turns on when my 4 year old sticks his head in the hole I cut in the side***. So, basically out of control. I've even crossed over to the BeagleBone Black, and now, because I am building a MIDI foot pedal controller, Arduino****. I had an Uno in a box and didn't even know it. I'm like some kind of sick addict.


                                                    All that said, you'd think I have sweet Linux skills. WRONG. I never had heard of ANY of this stuff until I got a new neighbor about three years ago, who is an IT Professional. He showed me XBMC that he was running (on an OS I do not know) off a USB thumb drive wedged in the shell of an old, gutted VCR. Always the techie geek, I wanted in immediately. So he showed me the force and the Pi. But I always had him to help with the Linux. It was like cheating. OK. Not like. It was cheating. I guess I have to come clean. I never lied and claimed I did this stuff all myself to anyone. I never even let people assume I did all the work. I would come up with crazy ideas and my neighbor would say.... "Hmmm.... yes, I believe that is possible. You would need a XYZ and a 123, and another Raspberry Pi." And I would get the stuff. I would solder and do the mechanical stuff. Build circuits, fit things in slick enclosures, wire up lights and sound, carpentry sometimes, even metal and glass cutting. But he was the code man. I stayed in the dark. And this guy couldn't swing a hammer or turn a screw- so, all good, right?


                                                    Not all good. I moved around Christmas. I am in withdrawal. We kept up for a while via email with the "work." But without the physical objects to test and trial and error, or for me to say- make that go slower, or how about this? Can we make it do this? Or for him to be able to try ten different ways of doing something in order to get the coding right- he'd need the material objects and passive electrical components / circuits and I needed him to tweak, change, or sometimes scrap an idea and go a new direction. I feel like someone died, even though we still talk all the time. But we both agreed we can't do it up like we used to. Impossible. We even tried Skype, as pathetic as that is.


                                                    So that's my sad, sad introductory story. Talk about first world problems. This is beyond childish, but I love this stuff. I love the "making," but obviously, not the code. And even though I have replicated projects I have been able to just download code for, it's not the same. I constantly have a notebook PACKED with ridiculous ideas. What I really need is a CNC machine... no... no... stop it, STOP!



                                                    Back to the beginning. I have been up all FREAKING NIGHT LONG trying to make my Wolfson Audio Card, which has been properly installed to a Model B, work with the WolfMixer V0.6

                                                    I am so bad at this, I believe I may have done several of the required steps out of order and at one point, I was trying to copy and paste entire README txt files into the Linux Terminal. That's right. It got to that point. I have all my instructions nicely printed out on 3 hole punched paper, in a little binder, like I do all my projects... only these pages aren't blueprints and schematics and diagrams. This is sudo apt-get install python this and subprocess os that, printed README after README. Did I get the thing installed? I moved the Icon to the desktop... and... huh? That can't be the end of that part.... so I go back and fourth, driving myself nuts. reading and rereading. Errors. Terminal typing driving me nutso. Did I start the terminal in the right directory? wait... Where the heck am I in the file structure right now? Back to the print outs. Confusion. Mass confusion. Maybe I should look up the price of a lossless digital recorder online and forget all this bull--- NO! NO! NO! NO! I am a PI GUY! I have to find a way. I have to just stop being pissed and be rational.


                                                    So some questions. Rational questions.


                                                    Can someone send me a premade Class 6 or above: 8-16GB SD card, with the Wolfson Mixer loaded and on the wolfson ready version of Rasbian? I will send you ten thousand dollars.



                                                    NO! That's not reasonable at all! GRRRR!!!!



                                                    I'll try to be serious and delirious at the same time now.

                                                    OK. So.


                                                    I am going to wipe the card I have. I am going to put an image on it. The image is wolfson_3.10_master.img. I am using the tried and true Win32DiskImager on a formatted 8GB Class 10 SD Card. No problems so far. I have all the necessary power, ethernet, keyboard, mouse, Wolfson card and case put together properly- boots just fine. Hello wolfson_3.10_master version of Raspian. Now. What to do next? Because last night I just tried to jump into the WolfMixer stuff and it got to be a mess REAL quick. Got to the terminal. I am pretty sure I got the 'python wolfmixer.py' to happen with the expected error. did the Install of the missing module, like the site says. Then things got weird.


                                                    Leafpad. New to me. OK, it's some kind of text editor.


                                                    "   from Tkinter import *   "

                                                    Oh no. That's not a language I know.

                                                    "import Pmw, subprocess, os"

                                                    OH...... No......


                                                    Just those two things lead to hours on Google. I installed things I probably shouldn't have. I tried to get all sorts of software, that basically looked like the Linux Terminal variations to me, to just install more weird stuff trying to install the freaking mixer. I just want a GUI to digitally record lossless stereo for the love of Pete.... THIS SHOULD NOT BE DIFFICULT. I CAN DO COOL STUFF. I AM NOT A DUMMY!!!!


                                                    Apparently,  That is incorrect. I am a dummy.


                                                    wolfmixer.py and a wolfmixer.... as desktop files-?  copy one to the desktop folder it becomes usable software? WTF? WTF indeed, that never happened for me. I messed up one of those first two steps that confused me, for sure. I started over four times. I started to do stuff that was the equivalent to throwing darts blindfolded underwater, with the lights out. Copy and Paste this entire document into the terminal.... see what happens. Hmmm..... errors and a bunch of nonsense what a surprise!


                                                    How about I act "as if" this all works, and I play 40 minutes worth of improvised live music, for sure worthy of recording, get excited about it being recorded (delusional) and take the SD card upstairs and act UBER SURPRISED when there is no pristine audio file on it! OH MY! WHY DIDN'T IT WORK?!?! I AM SHOCKED!!!


                                                    Why don't I spend half an hour looking for older versions of all of this software to see if that helps. FAIL.


                                                    So now my head is on backward. I have too many resources printed out, on screens, parts in front of me, thoughts spinning, I'm mad at all of this and I'd like some simple advice. Yes, Yes, I know this is laid out for a toddler already. I just think I am following several sets of directions at once and I shouldn't be. I think I need a "TO DO" list to make this work that is in order.


                                                    Can some kind soul just point me that way? Just a sequential list of which things to do in what order. Or someone tell me, PLEASE, if there is another, better way than making lossless recordings using my Pi and the Wolfson- and maybe without all this mixer stuff, and there's just a simple piece of SW that works on the PI and with the Wolfson, and I can just easily install something and it will work...? Is that even possible?  HELP! I need some straight talk and a slap across the face from some kind person, perhaps a middle aged Banjo player in Seattle, or a 19 year old, Buxom Girl-Band Bass Player in the Midwest. Maybe an Irish sound engineer for the local music hall who really runs the whole place on a shoestring and even has Pi running the cash registers at the bars. Or the guy who tirelessly sets up, operates the house PA and monitor mixes of a 40 person Church Choir with full band, every Sunday, every week, for twenty years now and only by the Grace of Raspberry Pi and Ableton Live has he been able to cut his work time by 1/3 using presets and automated recording and performance controls? Or maybe the 15 year old in Manhattan who makes insane, world wide, club rocking beats in his bedroom, under a pseudonym, and only his agent and Grandmother, his guardian, know his real identity- but Grandma is making him save his royalty checks to pay for college and he can NOT play live in any establishment he would not be allowed to be in as a patron.... like all of them that serve alcohol, or for short, just "all of them." He could help me. That kid could help me. He is on Spring Break from High School right now. His Grandma doesn't let him go anywhere because it's too dangerous in their neighborhood. He just stays in his room, online, all day and night, cranking out the audio GENIUS that is the backbone of 1 out of 10 pop hits on the radio for the past 20 months now. But he's not allowed to leave the apartment. Yep. I need him. Anyone got that guy's number?







                                                    How's that for a first post? Most Pathetic ever? I was going for Insane and pathetic. Probably just came out as more insane than anything.... right? Right. Oh well. Help me out if you want. I do not give up. What will end up happening if I can't get this done by, say the end of today? I will pack all this crap up and show up at my old neighbors house. "Hey Buddy! Thought I'd drop in.... WITH THIS BOX OF MAKERSPACE JUNK!!" <wives groan> <men cheer> I wish. More like <wives wield knives> <men run>


                                                    Thanks for reading,


                                                    Next post I promise I will have slept at least an hour.



                                                    *Neighbor wrote that code

                                                    **Real reason, I tried and couldn't make it work without the neighbor. (shame)

                                                    ***There is no Pi in this project. Just motion sensors and circuits hooked to lights and sound.

                                                    ****Code I downloaded

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                                                  So what exactly is https://blog.georgmill.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/linux-image-3.12.33-rt47-georg_3.12.33-rt47-georg-1_armhf.deb?




                                                  What do I do with it:


                                                  (1) put it on an SD card and use it to boot a model B?


                                                  (2) other?


                                                  I'm not very Linux savvy. 

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                                  Hi Dave,


                                  Do you know if the drivers for the raspberry pi 2 will become available?

                                  At this moment there is now way to get audio signal via this board on a raspberry pi 2.

                                  Why is it being sold as compatible anyway?





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                                    So why don't the shell scripts in the subdirectory "use_case_scripts"  that come with Raspian 3.12.33+ don't work Model Bs?  I get errors telling me that the scripts can't find or run "arecord" or "aplay".  The path variable seems to be the same as it was for 3.10.25.