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    Pi Appears to be working but no video.


      Hi my name is Jeff,


      My new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with 1 Gig of RAM recently arrived.


      I attached a keyboard, mouse and ethernet cable. I know the mouse and keyboard work because I've tested them on a PC as well as my other Raspbery pi. (my other pi is the old b model with 512 MB RAM and seperate audio/video etc)


      I don't have a HDMI tv so I then Plugged in a wv735 universal lead with a 3.5mm stereo Jack plug on one end and 3 RCA plugs on the other end into the Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video outlet.


      I then plugged in a micro-sd card (tried a 4Gig card and a 16G card) I know both cards were working because I tried them in PC and my other Pi.


      I used both NOOBS and raspbian as the OS on the Micro-SD card. I downloaded the most up to date versions from


      Downloads | Raspberry Pi


      I then proceeded to write it onto the Micro-SD card using the relevant instructions for the OS I used.


      I then plugged in a micro-sd card into the pi (tried a 4Gig card and a 16G card just in case available memory was the issue) I know both cards were working because I tried them in PC and my other Pi.


      Next I plugged in the power supply which is a switching adapter, Model : HNP10l-Micro USB

      Input = 100-240v , 50/60Hz , 45A

      Output = 5.0v , 2000mA

      The following link is to a page containing a better description of what I have.




      The power supply should be good enough to use since it is the same type I use on my other pi.


      When power plugged in:

      Red and greed lights came on

      Red stayed on and green flashed a little bit (don't know how long) before turning off

      Red light stayed on


      When I pressed number 3 or number 4 the green light came on momentarily however the TV screen remained blank.


      The only time I got anything on the screen is when I started to take the 3.5 mm jack out but never an image you could properly see.


      Everything seems to work fine as far as I can tell but I can't get audio/video to work. I'm assuming it's a cable problem but I'm not sure.


      Please help me so I can actually use my new Pi.

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          you can hold 3 (PAL) or 4 (NTSC) while booting to force composite, this needs to be pressed pretty much as soon as you power up the pi, don’t wait for the green light activity to stop, do it as you plug in the power




          this should force the PAL or NTSC depending on if you pressed 3 or 4




          A 4GB card will work but you will run out of room pretty quick so yes a 16GB is the better choice, also make sure it is the right kind, compatible and approved for use with the PI (Class 10 etc)




          Hope this helps

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                 A couple things you can try and see what happens..

            Connect your Rpi 2 to the router via cable and boot the Pi. Wait for a minute or two. Then on your PC connect to the router. You gain access to the router by entering The default log in and password will be on a label on the side of the router. Once you have access to the router. Look for something that says "connected devices" or something similar. Once you find that, look in the list to see if the Rpi is there. If it is, then you know it's functioning. So then you are looking at a TV or cable issue. If it is not in the list, then you have something wrong with the Pi.

            As far as the cable goes, is it color coded yellow, white and red? If so, have you double checked to make sure that the cables are plugged into the right jacks. If you turn the volume up on the TV do you hear any sort of hum? If so, your cable could be shorted.

            Have you tried plugging anything else into the jacks on the tv like a video game or your other Rpi, to see if they work.


            I'll be glad to help you figure this out..



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                Cable is new so it shouldn't be that and as for checking it on the router that wont work until I install the operating system, as far as I'm aware, I've only put the required installation files onto the micro-sd and inserted it into the pi so installation is only half finished.


                However you gave me an idea to try something that should not work.


                Instead of having the yellow plug for video in the video outlet I put the red plug for sound in the video outlet. This should not work as far as I thought I knew however when I did that I could see the pie screen on the tv!?


                How did that work?


                As far as I thought I knew yellow was for video and only worked in video and the red and white were for sound and only worked for sound.