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    Data transfer in PSoc 4


      Hi everyone,

      Nik here. I am doing a project on PSoC 4 pioneer kit. The project is to replace a Berthold 2040 Amplifier/ Counter with additional 8 bit CPU and RS232 read out.


      In my project, two inputs are established, one digital and the other analog with amplifier and comparator of PSoC. Pulses on either of the inputs are counted for a preselected time. LCD & Buttons shall be realised by a proper arduino shield. Start, Stop and Reset of the counter and the preselection of measurement time are selected by a menu which is displayed on the LCD.


      I am done with half of my project and now I need your assistance in doing the data transfer between PSoC and PC.


      ie, Every second, the counter content ( pulse/ second)  is send to a PC via USB.

      ie, The transfer of three values ( measure 1, measure 2, time ).


      In further detail, About two times a second, the counter content is displayed on a LCD on line 1. Time selected and remaining seconds of measurement on line 2 of LCD.


      I need to get the LCD content displayed on my PC screen.


      Should I be using UART, I2C or SPI for the same along with a hyperterminal or putty ?

      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,
      Nikhil Kurian.