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    Pi camera Python3 interface issues


      I'm working on a project that uses a Pi camera that needs to be controlled through Python because I can't use auto exposure. The camera is working and creating images but there's three problems I've encountered that I can't resolve. All of the problems are dependent on a single function call of the camera setup

      1. There's no preview image

      2. Image capture takes almost 30 seconds

      3. The zoom() function is disabled - I'd like to have this but it isn't a necessity


      All of these problems appear to be results associated with the camera.framerate() call. If I remove it from the command set, the camera functions normally, with a preview screen and the image capture takes a fraction of a second. The zoom() function also works normally. With the framerate() call in the command set, there's no preview but there's a very short duration image on the display as the image is taken. Unfortunately, without the framerate() call, the exposure time is limited to 33ms. It also appears that almost all of the 30 second delay starts when the capture() call is issued and ends when the image appears on the screen.


      I'm open to any suggestions as to how I can eliminate the long delay. Getting a preview image would be nice but isn't a necessity for this application.




      Python camera control code:


      with picamera.PiCamera() as camera:

          camera.resolution = (2582,1944)

          camera.framerate = Fraction(1,6)

      #    camera.zoom = (0.25,0.25, 0.25,0.25)

          camera.shutter_speed =190000

          camera.iso = 800