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    You Know You're an Engineer When...


      We're asking you to complete this sentence: "You know you're an engineer when..."


      Your input could be featured in an upcoming article on ImAnEngineer.com, Newark element14's newly launched website celebrating the ingenuity and impact of engineers!

      We'll be choosing three of the most insightful and entertaining responses to send a much-sought-after bag of element14 swag to, between now and the end of July (don't worry if you're post is already in, we'll still consider it as an entry). T's & C's are here, and remember that you can drive the competition by casting votes for your favorite entries using the "Like" button on each post.

      To bag your swag:

      Step 1: Think deeply about the kind of traits that you feel typify the engineer's personality (and then check out the obligatory terms and conditions for the comp).


      Step 2: Register, log in and comment on this discussion to tell the world about your favorite engineering personality quirks/disorders/idiosyncrasies.


      Step 3: Make yourself a coffee and spend an enjoyable hour picking out the inspired (mostly hilarious) insights into your engineering identity, and hit the "Like" button on those that really resonate.

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