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    rpi gui to control gpio?


      Hello there, I hope this is in the right place. So I'm currently building a car for some local race events and car shows, and I wanted to do something different. My plan is to mount a touch screen into the dash board of the car, connected to a raspberry pi. The pi then would be connected to a relay board through the gpio. The relays would then control things like the lights mounted on the roof and bumper, radiator fans, aux fans, and possibly the open dump on the exhaust pipe. Now, i have all the physical stuff figured out, I know how to run all the wires and wire up the relays and plug in all the stuff to the pi. But I am a inexperienced when it comes to programming(I guess that’s what you would call it?) and I'm sure what I am asking is a lot harder then I think it is, but how would I create a "GUI" so to speak of switches that I can toggle with a touch of a touch screen, that then would trigger a gpio, that would also read, for example, "radiator fans on/off" so I would know which relay I'm turning on/off? And yes, I know I could just to a switch panel, but like I said just wanted to do something different. thanks in advance