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    Geocaching Build - Portable Power?

    Christopher Stanton

      Hi All,


      An open question, what shall we/I do about portable power for the Geocaching build (Putting Together the Pieces - Raspberry Pi 2 GPS Geocaching Project) ?


      I have a MOPI from a Kickstarter which looks like it may work really well, but I wondered about making my own circuit up to handle a battery, I think the MOPI doesn't actually charge the battery so that would be good to have (ultimately it'd be nice to have it all enclosed for example).


      My circuitry knowledge is still in the novice stage, so I'm open to suggestions for products or otherwise if anyone has them?


      (I heard if I at mention spaces people will appear like calling on the Power Rangers, so let's give that a try and cc Raspberry Pi Projects Raspberry Pi Accessories Power & Energy)